Abortion Alternatives For Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy can be a beautiful gift, but it can also lead to untold amounts of stress if unplanned. Women facing an unplanned pregnancy often feel alone. They may be ashamed and afraid to reach out to others for assistance. If you find yourself pregnant and you're not sure what to do, you should know there are resources to help you. Here are four abortion alternatives for pregnant women:

1. Pregnancy Hotlines

Many women find themselves paralyzed with indecision when facing an unwanted pregnancy. Talking through your options can help. If you don't have anyone in your life to turn to or you'd like an unbiased opinion, you can call a pregnancy hotline. Pregnancy hotlines are staffed by caring individuals who are trained to help women in crisis. You can tell your hotline operator all about your situation, and they can suggest abortion alternatives to consider, such as adoption. Speaking to someone about your situation can help you feel less alone during a difficult time.

2. Women's Health Clinics

If you decide to carry your pregnancy to term, you should get the proper care. Prenatal care will ensure that you and your unborn child remain healthy. Pregnant women should see an OB-GYN doctor once a month for the majority of their pregnancy with increasing frequency as their due date approaches. If you can't afford prenatal care, you can get medical assistance at low-cost women's health clinics. These clinics are designed to help women with low incomes who need reproductive care.

3. Adoption Agencies

Adoption is a viable option for women who don't want to parent a child. By placing your child for adoption, you can ensure that they go to a loving family. Adoption agencies are willing to work with pregnant women to help them find the ideal family for their child. As the child's biological mother, you can choose the couple that will raise your child.

4. Financial Assistance

You may decide that keeping your child is in your best interest. If you decide to keep your child, you may face a new set of questions about how you'll support yourself and your baby. Fortunately, there are avenues of financial assistance available to pregnant women and new mothers. A women's clinic can help you apply for any government aid programs that you're eligible for. Food stamps and other assistance programs can help you and your new baby thrive in the months to come.


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