5 Ways To Add A Musical Touch To Cremated Remains

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For many people, music is a huge part of their lives. Whether it's singing, playing an instrument, or enjoying the sounds of bands, your recently passed loved one likely had a passion for music. Celebrate their love for music with a cremation urn or keepsake that represents them and their life. As you browse through various designs and creations, there are five different types that can add a musical touch. Not only is this a great way to display the keepsake, but it often adds an extra element that represents the music in their life.

Music Box Keepsakes

When you select a box for the cremation remains, you can take things one step further by featuring the remains in a music box keepsake. A variety of music boxes feature different songs and tones that play when small chimes are wound up.

One example is "Amazing Grace." The classic song plays through the first verse and features slow tones for you to enjoy. A variety of religious songs are also available. This includes the song "How Great Thou Art." The songs play without lyrics, but it's easy to look up lyrics and sing along to the special keepsake boxes.

Lyric Engravings

If you're choosing a traditional urn for the cremation remains, then you can have the sides engraved with custom text. To keep the theme musical, you can have meaningful song lyrics placed on the side. You can select from a variety of options, including inspirational song quotes or a lyric from the person's favorite band. Browse through various song lyrics to get ideas and ensure that you're formatting the lyrics correctly.

Along with the lyrics, you can have a musical symbol engraved with them. This includes musical notes, instrument shapes, or even an official band logo. These elements will enhance the look of an urn and make it more personable to the loved one that you lost.

Instrument Shaped Urn Keepsakes

If the loved one in your life played an instrument, then you can represent that love with a special shaped urn. A number of urns come in a variety of shapes including guitars, trumpets, and pianos. An opening on the back of the urns makes it easy to place cremated remains. The shaped urns come with special stands so you can display and showcase the urn wherever you please.

Along with the custom shapes, you can have custom engravings placed on the instrument keepsakes. This allows you to put more details and make it as personal as you want.

Drum Beat Urns

Along with instrument replicas, you can purchase a keepsake that actually acts as a way to create real music. A drum beat urn is a small wooden urn with a hollow center above where the remains are placed. The top wooden piece of the urn can be engraved with details and dedications to your loved one. The urn can also be tapped to create soft drumming sounds that are similar to a bongo drum. While it's not made for everyday use, the urn can create soft sounds and makes a nice centerpiece for your home.

Radio Keepsake

Channel music from all over the world with a cremation keepsake that features an actual working radio. The antique design is based off an old-time cathedral radio. It features a blend of wood and metal, and allows you to select from a number of real radio stations. This keepsake is great for playing everyday music or songs during special ceremonies and memorial services. It's a great way to feel connected to your loved one and still share the musical tastes that you loved together.

Music can be very powerful and you can showcase this with a special keepsake that features the theme. Work with funeral homes and various services to get the perfect musical elements for the cremated remains. Contact a company like Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral And Cremation Services LTD for more information.


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