5 Reasons You Need A Support Network If You Are Giving Your Baby For Adoption

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If you have decided to place your baby up for adoption, then it is important that you have a support network in place throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process. Unfortunately, many birth mothers feel like they are unable to confide in their family and friends or lack traditional support networks. If you feel this way, you should find a support network through a birth mother's group, a counselor of your choosing, or select friends that you believe will support you. You will need support for a variety of reasons, including: 

​You May Suffer Postpartum Depression

All parents, including adoptive parents, mothers who give their babies up for adoption, and surrogates can experience a variety of postpartum issues such as postpartum depression. Postpartum depression may occur several months after you give birth, when you think that you have already recovered from your pregnancy and are ready to move on from the adoption process. It is important to have a support network that can help you recognize the symptoms of postpartum depression and who will encourage you to seek professional help when necessary. 

You May Experience Feelings of Grief and Loss 

While many people in your life may encourage you to think about the positive aspects of adoption, such as providing your baby with a secure, loving home, it is also important to be realistic about the negative feelings that you may experience. You may experience feelings of grief and loss during your pregnancy, after the adoption, and for the rest of your life. For this reason, you need people who will be willing to validate your feelings and support you long-term after the adoption has been completed. 

You Will Have Many Decisions to Make 

Placing your baby for adoption may be a difficult decision, and it is not the final decision you will have to make in the matter. You will have to decide who you will inform about the adoption and how you will tell them. You will need to decide what kind of adoption you want and what kind of parents you are looking to place your baby with. You will also need to decide what agency to work with or whether you prefer an independent adoption. 

This can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are dealing with other emotional issues. A strong support network can help you make decisions and protect you from people who would pressure you or take advantage of your situation. 

Your Usual Support Network May Not Know How to Support You

In some cases, your usual support network may not agree with your choice to give your baby up for adoption or may be unaware of your pregnancy. In other cases, you may have friends and family who want to support you but simply do not know what you will need. For this reason, you should seek a wider support group. A personal counselor, not affiliated with your adoption agency, and a local support group can be valuable resources. Not only can they support you, but they can also point you towards resources to help educate your loved ones about how they can support you. 

Pregnancy Can Be Overwhelming 

Even if you are committed to adoption and happy with your decision, pregnancy can be overwhelming. Hormones and physical changes can become stressful and it is important that you have someone to discuss these issues with on an emotional level. 

Many adoption agencies will help you find support during your pregnancy and soon after adoption. It is important that you take those resources and begin to develop a long-term network of support that you can depend on after the adoption has been completed. 

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11 December 2015

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