5 Ways To Add A Musical Touch To Cremated Remains

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For many people, music is a huge part of their lives. Whether it's singing, playing an instrument, or enjoying the sounds of bands, your recently passed loved one likely had a passion for music. Celebrate their love for music with a cremation urn or keepsake that represents them and their life. As you browse through various designs and creations, there are five different types that can add a musical touch. Not only is this a great way to display the keepsake, but it often adds an extra element that represents the music in their life.

15 January 2016

5 Reasons You Need A Support Network If You Are Giving Your Baby For Adoption

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If you have decided to place your baby up for adoption, then it is important that you have a support network in place throughout your pregnancy and the adoption process. Unfortunately, many birth mothers feel like they are unable to confide in their family and friends or lack traditional support networks. If you feel this way, you should find a support network through a birth mother's group, a counselor of your choosing, or select friends that you believe will support you.

11 December 2015